July 22, 2014

What's Going On...

I love that we live near the coast.  I really don't think I could ever live too far away from the ocean.  To be honest, we don't go very often, but I like knowing it's there, and we do make it to the beach at least a few times during the summer.  In fact, we've spent the last two weekends on the beach.  The first was a beautiful weekend with friends on Cape Cod, and this past weekend we were in Maine.  

We have visited the same town in Maine every summer for five years now, and I think it is a pretty solid family tradition at this point.  It's a perfect long weekend trip (actually we could easily spend an entire summer here!) - not too far away, great hotel with indoor and outdoor pools, walking distance to everything, lots of good restaurants to choose from, beautiful beaches, harbors, shops, etc.  It's great.  

What else is going on?  Well, my job search continues.  The boys started camp last week, and it was perfect timing, since I had interviews every day!  I have two good possibilities at this point, and I'm encouraged by the fact that I've made progress so quickly.  Both jobs have pros and cons, of course, and although I've been trying to soak in the family vacation moments, I must confess that I find myself thinking about my future employment pretty much all the time.  In addition to thinking about what our new schedule will look like, I've been contemplating after-school care for the boys and managing their activities.  It's intimidating to say the least.  Overall, though, I feel optimistic and positive about the whole venture.  

When I'm not interviewing or job searching or emailing contacts, I'm exercising and tackling house cleaning/organizing tasks.  Today I started cleaning out the fridge.  Ick.  But oh it will feel so good when I'm done.  I want to be as organized as possible when my return to work begins.  I also want to appreciate my last weeks at home.  I'm thinking I need to do something a bit decadent next week...   

As I was taking pictures of the boys running into the (very cold!) ocean in Maine, I realized that I always take the same picture.  Every year, the same beach.  It is already fun to look back and see the boys growing.  My, how the time flies...


  1. Hello!!! Having returned from America I found myself thinking about which other places we'd like to visit there and Maine was one. I love the year on year comparison of your boys in the sea! Funny how so many parents have that image as a staple; the kids running from them! It encapsulates a parent's view - delight at their kids enjoying something so much.
    I am intrigued by your job search - good luck! I think I am getting to that point to but have found that there is very little to apply for. I guess that is what comes from living in a backwater rather than near a city. But thoughts do turn to logistics and so on - wondering how it will all work. I am just trying to work out whether my impetus to work again is because I like the idea or the reality?!! Can you report back when you have a firmer view?!
    Take care Mary, Lou x

  2. Beautiful photos. I miss the ocean. The fact I don't live near one just pains me. But I do have forests, though nothing can take the place of an ocean.

  3. These pictures are so cute! I wish I could jump in a cold ocean right about now.

    I'm so nervous about looking for a job in a few weeks. It's been so long since I've done that!


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