October 11, 2013

What's Going On...

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I've reached the end of another week.  After a gloomy and, let's be honest, kinda grumpy weekend, I was able to pull myself back together to enjoy a good week.  I'm now pretty settled into my life at home, and I've determined that I have to have that "to-do" list ready for the week.  Checking items off the weekly list, along with the regular tasks of exercising every morning, packing lunches, helping with homework, attending swim/piano classes, reading every night...this is how I continue to have the feeling of accomplishment at the end of every day.  I think about trying to balance it all with working and I feel my blood pressure rise.  I am so grateful for this time to focus on life at home and with my boys, and I never take it for granted.

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We're transitioning to cooler weather, and although I enjoy the process of pulling out my sweaters and wearing jeans every day, my boys have a harder time with it.  They don't want to let go of their shorts and sandals.  Aaron finally caved and decided to wear pants on a particularly chilly morning, but Nathan is clinging to his shorts and refuses to acknowledge the fact that Summer is over.  I figure he'll complain once he really gets cold.  Maybe with the first snow?  Anyway, I think there are more important things to fight about.  

In the meantime, the boys ask me at least a couple times a week when we are going skiing.  I think I need to help them appreciate the beauty of Fall.  Apple-picking (and pie!) is on the agenda for the weekend.

We're still working on details, but now that the living room has come together, we're shifting our focus to the family room.  We moved our old sofa and chair into this room, and we've realized that our current furniture doesn't quite work.   We're going to sell them and get a sectional, replace the old wobbly coffee table we've had for 13 years, and maybe get one more thing for the walls.  It's a fun project to have.

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We have friends coming to visit for the weekend, and I can't wait.  They are good for my soul.  We are even going out tomorrow night, leaving four kids with a sitter.  Woo!  

The Red Sox are in the championship series!  

Speaking of baseball, Aaron had requested a baseball party for his birthday.  Then he realized that most of his friends are girls, and he's thinking they might not like a baseball party.  What's a boy (and his mom!) to do...  

Half of my to-do list consists of organizing and cleaning tasks around the house.  Not the everyday stuff, but things like taking everything out of the linen closet, folding, cleaning, and putting it all back.  I am oddly happy doing these kinds of activities and so incredibly satisfied when they're done.

We attended a charity walk last night in Boston with my husband's company.  It was to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  We brought the boys with us and enjoyed the walk around the Boston Common.  I also enjoyed the thoughtful questions posed and comments made by Aaron, including, "What is cancer?  Do kids get cancer too?  What are they going to do with the money we raise tonight?"  His last comment was a little painful..."I hope I never get cancer."  Well me too, little man, me too.  

I am starting to think about holiday menus.  I need a fabulous dessert recipe for the bake-off.  Got any ideas for me?

I have a coffee get-together with a group of the moms from Nathan's preschool next week.  I know at least a few of the women now, and yet I'm still dreading it.  I will go, though, and it will be good.  I know this and yet...

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  1. I feel your pain regarding the clothes battle. I don't fight it either. Emma's all over the place, wanting to wear jeans and cardigans when it's hot, and shorts & tank tops when it's cooler.

    A few weeks ago I saw a dad from Emma's school at the playground, and we've had a few playdates since. I like dads so much better, which isn't really surprising because I've always had more guy friends than girlfriends. There just doesn't seem to be any pressure to fit in, or to make them like me. :|

  2. I love that comment about seeing friends being good for your soul. So true. Shouldn't we try do something every day that seeks that goal? Good for the soul. Lots of your musings are like my musings right now - although you're six months in front of me! Interesting as ever to read though. Lou x


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