October 21, 2013

Just Because...

Because no Fall season would be complete without two little boys jumping and hiding in a giant leaf pile.

Because we had a lovely weekend, celebrating my sister-in-law with lots of family and friends on Saturday, and getting a lot of work done around the house on Sunday.  (The shed is done!)

Because it's gorgeous outside, and I know the truly cold weather is coming.  

Because I want to appreciate every single day.  

Because there are so many moments worth capturing, but I remind myself that to be in the moment, I have to put the phone and the camera down.  I have to step away from the computer.  

Because our yard - our grass, specifically - has never looked so good.  My husband is happy and proud, and I want him to know I see it too.  (Dude is kinda crazy about his grass.)

Because I like checking in here, even when I have nothing in particular to say. 


  1. I'm insanely jealous of your fall! We're starting to see subtle signs of it here, but for the most part everything is still green.


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