October 29, 2013

Thinking About...

The weather.  What a gorgeous Fall we have had.  This time of year is always amazing here in New England, but it has been especially brilliant.  Stunning colors, crisp air...  And I'm generally not one to lament the coming of winter, so the chilly mornings are okay by me.

Interior decorating.  I want to give my house that cozy and homey feeling.  The look that is beautiful but still shows that a family lives here.  When I walk into someone else's house that has that feeling, I immediately look around to try to figure out how they got it.  It's the details - books, plants, mementos from travels, art... But the trick is only displaying those things that have real meaning.  And waiting to collect those things takes patience.  Sigh.  

Family pictures.  It is ridiculously hard to get a decent picture of all four of us.  We are even generally pretty good about bringing our good camera with us, but still... Those family shots always seem to be impossible.  Last year, my cousin Erin took pictures for us, and I was so excited to see the results!  Nice pictures!  Where we're dressed, and Kevin's clean-shaven, and the boys aren't covered in mud or food or something.  Unfortunately, Erin lives in Chicago, so we had to find someone else this year, but we did, and with many bribes of lollipops, we all survived the shoot this past weekend.  Now I'm in waiting mode, and I can't wait to see the results!

Pearl Jam.  We saw them in concert last Friday night, and my heart is still smiling.  They really are something special.  After this many years and songs, they don't have an opening band.  It was just Pearl Jam, rocking hard for over three hours.  Eddie Vedder drank three bottles of wine and danced and swung across the stage, and his voice was still amazing.  I figure if these guys, who are all about ten years older than I am, can still rock that hard, then we're all doing alright.  

The Red Sox.  They are one win away from winning the World Series.  All the games are one so late, though, and I've been watching them all, staying up past midnight most nights.  It's fun, but I'm pooped!  Fingers crossed they win tomorrow night so I can get a decent night's sleep.  

Thanksgiving.  It's decided - Thanksgiving will be at our house this year.  So I'm in full menu-planning mode.  I need another green veggie, and I need to decide on desserts and appetizers.  Fun!

But before Thanksgiving...Halloween!  The costumes are ready to go, but we haven't carved our pumpkins yet!  I think that may have to happen today. 

Blogging and the internet.  I went through my blog reader again this week, removing the blogs that don't inspire me any more, or just aren't important to me.  No offense to those blogs, but there's only so much time!  And I've been better at limiting time on the other social media sites - twitter, facebook, instagram.  They're fun, but it's a balancing act to make sure I don't feel the pull to stay connected all day long.  

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