October 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a wonderful weekend.  Our friends came to visit, and we had a wonderful time hanging out with them.  We went out, to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and then to see Kingsley Flood in concert.  It was a great meal and an awesome show and just an overall good time.  

On Sunday, we went apple-picking.  One of our favorite Fall activities, although I must admit that the poison ivy crawling up the base of every apple tree did add a little more stress than usual.  I was happy to oblige the boys' desires to use the poles to pick apples from the higher branches.  We came home with many pounds of tasty apples and promptly made a pie.  We finished it that night, so now I need to line up some other apple recipes.  Cinnamon-apple crumb cake, apple tart, applesauce...  Aaron's eating two or three a day, though, so I think we'll go through them pretty quickly.  

On Monday, we played a little baseball in the morning, and then after our friends had to leave, we enjoyed an afternoon walk through a wildlife sanctuary.  It was a gorgeous day. 

Monday was Columbus Day here in the U.S., so it was a long weekend for us.  It actually felt like it, too.  Speaking of Columbus Day...it is such a strange holiday.  I've always viewed it as just an extra day in the Fall for us to get out and see the pretty trees - this weekend is almost always the peak of foliage season.  But now I have kids.  Aaron wanted to know what it was all about, so I explained who Christopher Columbus was; but then I also added that there were native people who lived in the Americas long before he arrived.  So it's really odd that he would have a holiday, and it still seems strange that they teach the story of Columbus in the same way.  I'll be happy when Aaron's old enough to read some Howard Zinn.

I love that it's already Tuesday, even though my weeks are filled with days to be enjoyed, not to be survived.  It's still nice to have a short week every now and then.  It feels like the pace is downshifted just a bit.  I started out the short week by attending a breakfast and coffee get-together with a group of mothers from Nathan's preschool.  As expected, it was a nice time, and I think I actually remembered everyone's names.  Yay!  The new Pearl Jam and The Head and the Heart and The Avett Brothers albums are all out today, so I have a lot to listen to as I get started on the housecleaning.  Off I go...

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