October 1, 2013

Thoughts of Fall...

photo by la porte rouge

October is here, and with it come the chilly mornings and apples every single day.  I'm not quite sure what to wear, because the afternoon sun is still warm; but by the end of this gorgeous month, it won't be a question.  It's time to pull my box of sweaters out of storage and put my shorts away.  The leaves are turning, and our menu is featuring lots of apples and pumpkins and squash.  The kale still isn't quite done yet either.

We've been back to school for a month now, so we've gotten settled in the new routine.  It's a busy one, but the boys are doing well and having fun, and I am too.  I'm making more lists and setting goals.  Checking them off is fun, and although I am currently without my office job, I end each day with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I definitely lost steam by the end of the Blogtember Challenge, didn't I?  Let's see if I can sum up my thoughts on those last few topics:

Day 18 - Go to a coffee shop.  Order your favorite drink.  Write about what makes you happy and what makes you sad.  I really wanted to do this one, but I honestly didn't have time to go hang out at a coffee shop last week.  Alas.  But I love the idea, and I will do this one at some point.

Day 19 - An anonymous letter to your Facebook friends.  Well, for the most part, my Facebook feed is pretty pleasant.  I have a relatively small group of friends, and I've hidden or unfriended the truly irritating people.  For the most part, I enjoy or find interesting a lot of the articles that my friends share.  But everybody still has the occasional annoyances.  I'd love to remind some of my friends that their friends already know if they're a Republican, or that they homeschool, or are avid breastfeeding supporters, or vegetarian, or super Catholic, or love the President and support everything he does, or hate the President and everything he does, or...  We already know it.  And you're not going to change any minds by posting about these things all the freakin' time.  If you want to have a conversation or debate about it, do it in person.  Phew.  That actually felt good to say.  Not that it'll change anything, though.

Day 20 - Share a photo of something old.  Tell us about it and why it's special.  I did think about this one.  I don't own many old things, with the rather large exception being my house.  I thought about sharing a picture of a couple special blankets.  The first is my own baby blanket - it's crocheted, and it's a pinkish-gray color.  I slept with it until I was a teenager, and I brought it with me to college.  (Don't judge.  It was soft and cozy, and I liked cuddling with it.)  I still own it, although I didn't use it with my boys.  I'm honestly not sure what to do with it now, but I'll never get rid of it.  The second is an afghan my dad made.  It has every color of the rainbow in it, and it's thick and heavy and warm.  We use it on top of our covers on the coldest winter days, and it always reminds me of him.


  1. I like your words about autumn.


  2. Oh, gosh. That facebook part. I totally agree! I had to go through my news feed yesterday and hide some people the other day. I wish people would get as involved in politics in real life as they do on the internet! haha

    I lost steam with the blog challenge too, but I was just too busy. It was fun while it lasted. :]

  3. Fall well and truly arived this past week. I'm starting to grow webbed feet with so much rain that poured from the sky! This afternoon was blue sky and sunshine and I was far too hot in my layers. Hoe Hum! Its good to be back in some kind of routine - good for me and the kids. Now looking forward to the changing leaves, soups, bread, bowls of warm goodness to keep the home fire burining

  4. Happy October Mary! I just love la porte rouge images..magical. I am so impressed that you even started the Blogtember Challenge. I can not imagine making it past Day 1. It was fun to follow though! xx

  5. hi. i still have my baby blanket as well. the one i snuggled with every night as a kid (and beyond). mine came to college with me and has moved with me many times post college. every now and then i break it out when o travels. sometimes i sleep in his tighties too. yes, i know that is tmi and bizarre. who reads these comments anyways? felt good to tell someone. ;)

    1. Ha! I don't know if anybody else does, but I read the comments! Love that I'm not alone in the baby blanket love, and although Kevin doesn't wear tighties, I do wear his boxers to bed often. Love the TMI sharing. :-)


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