October 3, 2013

Recently Read - Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle
I read The Glass Castle several years ago and loved and was astounded by it along with everyone else. It's an amazing story.

Half Broke Horses
I read this one a few months ago.  It's another family story.  This time, the subject is Jeanette Walls' grandmother.  She starts out living in a dirt dugout in West Texas, and it's a winding road of adventure from there.  She's a fascinating character, made all the more compelling knowing she actually lived.  It's not quite as riveting as The Glass Castle, but I enjoyed it just the same.  It does help to learn more of the history of the family to start to comprehend how they live the way they do.

The Silver Star
I finished this one just a few weeks ago.  This is the author's first attempt at publishing a work of real fiction.  There are similar themes between it and her nonfiction work, though.  The protagonist is a young girl, with a troubled and irresponsible mother.  She is extremely strong-willed and resilient.  The writing as well as the characters and story felt as though it was targeted at a younger audience.  The main conflict in the book ended up feeling a little too contrived and predictable to me, although I still enjoyed the story overall.


  1. I really enjoyed her first two books, they were great reads. "Half Broke Horses" gave me a different opinion of Jeanette's mother & made me slightly more understanding of her treatment of Jeanette & her siblings. I'll look out for her most recent book, thanks Mary :)

  2. There's a new one?! I love her books!

  3. Thank you Mary! If I had to start with one, which would you suggest? I would like to add it to the Brown Paper Book Club..we are missing Jeannette Walls from the list. Best wishes for a lovely weekend.. xx

    1. Definitely The Glass Castle! It's the author's own memoir, and it is a truly stunning story. I'm going to check out your Brown Paper Book Club - I always love getting recommendations, even though my own nightstand is packed at the moment!


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