September 10, 2012

Family Room - Before and After

Ta-da!  Take a peek at our new family room.  We don't have a thing on the walls yet, and I can't show you the other side of the room until we fill the bookshelves next to the gas stove.  Oh, it's going to come together when we do that.  (Can't do it until they redo the floors in the front part of the house, because the dust is going to fly.  Again.  This will be the third time they've done those floors.  Really.  I can't even talk about it.  But once it's done and we can fully move in, it's going to be so nice.)

Before (as a playroom, obviously):  much smaller space, broken windows, enormous brick hearth that took up most of the room, and freezing cold.


  1. I like it!! I'm glad you're making some progress over there.

  2. looks wonderful! i know what you mean about getting back into it... trying to do the same (while putting my "home" priorities first) :).

    love that you are staying home for a while! i'll never ever forget my first few days/weeks of staying home.


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