September 4, 2012

A Few Thoughts...

Just a few updates and things that are on my mind...

*We had a fabulous weekend in Maine.  A long, full day at the beach on Saturday, with nothing but sunshine.  And then a cloudy and cool Sunday, which was just as awesome.  We went out to eat, took a long walk along the water, swam in the indoor pool, and generally played together.  All good stuff.

*I miss blogging.  I've been pretty disconnected from the blog world lately, and I miss it.  I miss the process of organizing my thoughts and then coming up with a way of presenting them here.  I also miss keeping up with my reader and connecting with my blog friends.  I'll get back into a rhythm soon, I hope.

*The house is still a mess.  Frustration and stress are still running high, I'm afraid.  In an effort to focus on the positives, I started doing some cleaning and organizing today in the spaces where that's possible. Oh, how I do love my pantry!  

*Aaron's second week of kindergarten is underway.  He is still getting used to things, but he's having fun and meeting friends.  Nathan starts his new school next week, so we'll have more transitioning to do. 

*Did I mention that our little garden finally started producing?  We wrapped it with netting to keep out the pesky deer and managed to save the tomatoes.  We have been getting about a pint or two every day for the last month!  Really fun.  I only got one zucchini, about five puny little peppers, and one butternut squash that I keep hoping will get bigger, but those tomatoes did great.  We'll see how we can do next year.

*I have the most amazing little boys.  They can drive me absolutely mad; but even at those times, I am still able to recognize how awesome they are.  Gorgeous, fabulous boys.  

*I have been so focused on the house that I haven't been able to prepare for the upcoming season.  Fall!  Oh how I adore Fall.  We booked tickets to go to San Francisco to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, but we don't have dinner reservations or baseball tickets yet.  Our good friends are supposed to be coming to visit next month, but we haven't confirmed a weekend.  I also just realized that Aaron's passport expires in November, so if we want to go to Barcelona for New Year's (which we do!), then we will have to take care of that.  There is so much to do!  Life is beautiful and good.

Beautiful, even on a cloudy day

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  1. We're heading over to San Francisco next year... CANNOT WAIT... I need a little bit of American sun to lift my spirits...


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