August 30, 2012

Lake Ontario, Starry Skies, and Beginnings

Three Beautiful Things:

1.  Our trip to the lake was filled with many beautiful things:  hugs from family, singing around a bonfire, catching up, waterskiing, fresh corn on the cob and tomatoes, relaxing in a hammock...

2.  I let the boys stay up late for the bonfire.  Nathan looked at the night sky and declared, "Mom, it's like fireworks!  But better."

3.  Aaron's first day of kindergarten.  It was full of more tears and emotion than I anticipated, but it ended up filled with smiles and excitement.

Forgive the picture quality.  Taken via iPhone at night in front of a bonfire.  Still think it's pretty great. Nathan just kept pointing to the fire, exclaiming "Mom it's a bonfire!" 

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