August 14, 2012


All lights from Rejuvenation

It is all coming together.  I'm sorry for the delay in showing pictures of the full rooms, but the last couple weeks have been very slow.  Progress is being made, but it's still mostly a disaster back there.  So for now, let me show you lights!  They just went up today, and they are all so very pretty.  The one above is giant and awesome, and I'm afraid I'll never be able to take a picture that does it justice.  I'll keep trying.  Below is a little light in the pantry.  Seems fancy for a pantry light, but it's so cool.  And the bottom fixture hangs above our kitchen seating area.  They are all perfect, and I love it when decisions that were agony to make end up being so right.  More to come...


  1. The lights look wonderful :) We have looked at so many and are still completely unable to decide on anything!

  2. yeah! i love these on so many levels.

  3. i have an ongoing love affair with cool lighting fixtures. it's almost become a problem... almost.


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