August 7, 2012

Life, Lately...

Well, I'm one week into my new routine, and I must say, I am loving it.  It is definitely an adjustment, and I'm learning so many lessons every day.  It is almost as though I have to relearn how to get things done.  All of a sudden, the days seem long, and I'm excited to spend time figuring out how to fill them.  I've noticed the transition occurring in my boys as well, as they learn how to navigate unstructured days. 

I am loving the lack of schedule, although I am looking forward to a little more organization.  The house is still a disaster, and I simply can't wait to tackle this place one corner at a time.  Just let me at it!  

So what did we do this week?  We went to the playground, the farm, and the grocery store.  We pulled weeds and played with roly-polys and worms.  We picked cherry tomatoes (yes we've managed to save some from that pesky deer and are now getting about 1/2 pint a day!) and made caprese salads.  We went to the lake, swam, and built castles and rivers.  We threw the football and swung in circles in the yard.  We played tons of "baseball" in our back yard - basically hitting practice with me as pitcher, and we all run around the bases when they hit "home runs" (hits in the air or ones that make it out of the infield).  The boys got to spend a day with Grandma, who also took a turn as pitcher.  They made up games themselves and with a neighbor friend.  They built a giant lego zoo and painted masterpieces.  They went to a swim lesson, which was thankfully a lot more successful than previous attempts.  

And what's planned for the coming week?  Hmm...tomorrow will involve a visit to the library, Thursday is another swim lesson, and Friday includes a hair appointment for me (that should be interesting, huh?).  Otherwise, we're making it up as we go along.  


  1. I'm excited to read more about your new gig at the house. After almost 4 years of being home with Emma I feel like it's easy for me to forget how good this is for her (and me.) I'm looking forward to a new perspective. :]

  2. Wow - I love the idea of relearning. I felt the same when I stopped work and then when I went back again I realised that I had seen a glimpse of how life is supposed to be lived; let me tell you - it's not in front of a computer! Hah. I love that you are embracing this change Mary - and soon a time will come when you can tackle the house and get everything ship-shape and you will start to really feel the good of being home. The most important thing: there is TIME! If you need something from a shop, there is time to get it, it can be built into the day without endless worries and stresses about when and how! There is time. Thank goodness for that. I can almost feeeeeel your exhale as you write. Lovely to read. Lou x

  3. Sounds fantastic. Enjoy!


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