August 2, 2012

House Update


My mom asked me to post more pictures of the house progress, so here are a couple more sneak peeks. I don't want to share pictures of the whole rooms, because they are still incredibly messy and incomplete.  For example, the oven is sitting in the middle of the family room floor.  I like focusing on the little details that are actually starting to come together.  You can see paint on the walls!  Above is the bathroom vanity - the sink isn't in it yet, but it's in the room.  As I said, I'm focusing on the details.  We should only have a couple weeks left before we have a functioning kitchen.   The countertops were installed over the weekend, and they look great.  This week, we should see the tile backsplash completed, the paint mostly completed, the island countertop installed and cabinets finished, and the plumber is coming on Friday!  Exciting times.  

family room

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  1. Love the windows! Ahhh natural light.


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