August 28, 2012

I'm Still Here...

It is very rare that I catch a sunrise at the lake

We had an absolutely wonderful vacation at the lake.  It is truly one of my very favorite places in the world, filled with love and family and beauty.  The boys had a blast, begging to know why we couldn't stay longer and when we will return.  Every time I go, I try to bring some of those feelings of peace and relaxation home with me.  This time, however...

We were able to extend our stay for an extra night, and we still came home to a house in complete and utter disarray.  I'm not sure I can or want to write about it here - suffice to say that the work should have been completed before we got home, and a week later it is still not complete.  The levels of stress around here are pretty high.  Oh, and school starts tomorrow.  Those peaceful feelings didn't even last me a day!  

So I decided to spend a few minutes going through the pictures, remembering the quiet moments and the fun times.  Soon the house will be back in my control and we will be able to move back in.  Hopefully the first week of school will go smoothly - in this regard, it's the excitement that's running high and not the stress, so I'm hopeful that will continue.  

We are also heading to Maine this weekend, to celebrate the start of school and to give Summer its proper send-off.  I am confident that the beach will restore some of our sanity and give us the strength to finish this project and move on to the fun part - enjoying the new rooms!   

From sunrise to sunset...


  1. sorry to hear about the house. I hope you get it all sorted out soon. I miss you around these parts! :]

  2. Beautiful photos.. And yes, sorry to hear about the mess. That gave me anxiety just thinking about it.


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