August 1, 2012

Dancing, Transitions, and Stone Walls

1.  Dancing and singing with my boys at the festival this weekend.  One of the highlights of my Summer.

2.  Today is my first day without a job.  It is a bit strange, this not quite knowing what to do with myself.  But as I pushed Nathan on the swing at the playground this morning, I felt happy.  For all of us.  

3.  One of the many things I love about New England is the appearance of gorgeous stone walls.  Especially in the more rural areas, like where I live, they are around almost every house.  I don't particularly like digging up the big boulders out of my yard, but I do love those walls.


  1. Whaaatt? Has the time come already that you've stopped work? Oh my goodness that came around quick. Trust me - you will soon get into the swing of things. I think it takes two months to stop thinking about work...and a further two months to really get comfortable with not working at all. I know it's been a long time coming and I just wanted to say: it's the right thing, it will be great for your family and you! Lou x

  2. so excited for you!!! this is going to be a great change for all of you. can't wait for updates on the transition. xoxo


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