August 29, 2012

There He Goes...

First day of school.  My heart is still with him.  I'm basically just counting the minutes until I get to go pick him up.  Thinking we will celebrate with some ice cream!


  1. Oh how cute! Hang in there momma! ;)

  2. Hi Mary - I read your last post and my heart went out - what a pain to return from time away to find the house still not finished. What is it with building work that it always take the double the time and costs double the budget?! My children are both starting new schools next week so this week has been a whirlwind of final uniform purchasing! I am excited about it though; even though it's bittersweet when they first start - they just learn so much, it's fascinating to see. Hang in there! Lou x

  3. wow. this is huge. what a big day. makes me smile and cry.

  4. I can sympathize with you. Emma started new school hours this week. she's going three days a week now, and for 3 extra hours each day. I worry about her all day. :[


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