September 17, 2013

Trick Question...

Day 11 of Blogtember:  A memory you would love to relive.

This one is fun, but it really is a trick question, isn't it?  I mean, I loved thinking back to some of my best memories, but how could I possibly choose just one that I'd like to relive?  

My first thought was of our trip to St. John.  Sitting on an empty beach with Kevin - the above picture was our view.  I'd certainly do that again, but I think perhaps the fact that it's a little chilly today makes me simply long for a warm sunny beach.  Would I really choose to relive that day over another?  My mind continues down a long playlist of happy moments...

Talking about football and religion with my dad.  Sitting in the grass watching Pearl Jam with Kevin. Singing around a bonfire with my extended family.  Sitting around the dinner table with Kevin and the boys.  The first time he said "I love you".  The moment we said "I do."  Listening to my Uncle Bob tell "The Man with the Golden Arm" at the lake.  Sitting on a beach in Kauai with Kevin.  Eating gelato in Florence with Dawn, Francesc, Kevin and the boys.  Driving to the beach with my best friends in high school.  Watching shooting stars in my dad's front yard with Emily, Christine, and Mary.  Doing a crossword puzzle with Kevin in Washington Square park in San Francisco.  Dancing to Dave Matthews Band at a college frat party with friends my senior year of high school.  Roller skating with my mom around Greenfield Lake.  Walking to the candy store with my cousins and picking out penny candy.  Eating snails and drinking too much wine in Paris with Dawn.  The first day of my honeymoon.  Seeing Aaron's smile from his crib as I walked into his room in the morning.  Watching him play his first baseball game.  Or rock the hula hoop.  Getting my first "best hug ever" from Nathan.    Watching him run.  One of our many dance parties with the boys.  

I could go on like this all day.  I'm working to make my life one moment after another, so while it's fun to look back every now and then, I wouldn't want to go back.  I might miss something.  


  1. Um, LOVE that quote! It was hard for me to pick too...and if I had ever been to a beach like that one in the picture, I may have just picked that one - wow, what a beautiful view :)

  2. yes!! i've been to st john and i pretty much consider it heaven. great picture.


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