September 24, 2013

A Few Things...

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I was going to review a parenting book as part of Blogtember, but I'm not quite done with it, so I thought I'd just share a few things I've come across lately.

The most wonderful marriage proposal - Break out your tissues before you watch this.  You'll need them.  This is so full of joy that it made my cheeks hurt from smiling.

18 Totally Random Things I Only Know Because I'm a Gen Xer - Banana clips, Facts of Life, after school specials, white out, License to Ill...  Ha!  I'm getting old.

The Loneliness of the Alt-Rock anniversary - Along the same lines as the above, let's revisit another great album that's turning 20.

A wonderful new project - Kimberly Taylor is starting a new project after a recent trip to Africa.  It's inspiring.  It can be difficult to find ways to contribute that feel meaningful - writing checks is a good thing, but it's hard when you're not really sure what's happening with the money.  This is a small, focused project with real names and faces.  Check it out.

Happiness Habits of Exuberant Human Beings - I want to be described as exuberant!

An interview with Linda Ronstadt - My mom was the one who informed me that Linda Ronstadt had Parkinson's disease and could no longer sing.  She feels exactly as I do - how horrible would that be?!  Linda Ronstadt is an amazing singer and artist, and to have that taken away must be incredibly painful. This is a cool interview of a really cool lady.

Empty Space Captured by Hubble - Want to have your mind blown?  I love how looking into space can do this to us.  We all hear that there are billions and billions of galaxies in the universe, but our brains simply can't process what that means.  These images help.  Awesome.

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