September 13, 2013

A Self Portrait

Day 9 of the Blogtember Challenge:  A self portrait.

Yes, I felt like a total dork taking this picture.  But here I am.  Wearing my favorite Ramones t-shirt and Lucky jeans.  I don't have a single bit of makeup on, and my bangs are all curly because it's rainy out today.  This is me.

I'm going to go clean out the cabinet under the kitchen sink now, and then I'm going to pick up the little man from preschool.  We will have lunch together, do some playing and errands and possibly more cleaning before getting the big guy, and then we will start our weekend.

I must admit, though.... now that I'm home, the start of the weekend is not the huge relief that it used to be.  I look forward to every day in a way I hadn't in a long time.  I hope that I'm able to maintain this feeling, this approach to life, every single day for forever.  It's really the only way to live.


  1. what a great photo! yours is definitely more creative than mine, because I also feel like an idiot taking photos of myself! Have a great weekend!

  2. I have to say I really like what you've covered in this blog challenge! I have learned something new about you in each one and I thought we'd got to know each other pretty well! Lovely self portrait by the way... L x

  3. damn girl, you look good. know what's better than your good looks? your happy healthy place in the world these days. a breath of fresh air...xoxo


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