March 29, 2011

Weekend Recap

My mom's garden.  I had hoped to see more sunshine, but the azaleas were pretty.

We had a nice time in North Carolina this weekend.  The weather sucked, so it wasn't the break from the cold and wet weather that I had been hoping for, but it was fun to spend time with my family.  I also survived the flights and learned some lessons along the way. 

(For example, car seat bags suck.  If you need a car seat for the flight, use one of those car seat attachments with wheels.  If you need a stroller at your destination, get a bag and check it through.  Also, ask for help every step of the way.  The highlight of our return trip was getting to ride in one of those cars through the airport to make our connection.  That wouldn't have happened if I didn't ask the flight attendant for help.) 

We did manage to have a good time, despite the weather.  The rain held off on Friday morning for us to go to a little zoo.  Perfect size for our little ones.  They had a blast running around outside and feeding animals.  We had a yummy cookout lunch for my birthday.  We attended a roller-derby match (did you know that was a real thing?), which was pretty hilarious.  We went to Sunday brunch and spent the afternoon by the fire, doing puzzles and playing games. 

Now I have to get back in our normal routine.  Lots to do this week in addition to work, including taxes and doctor's appointments.  I'm already looking forward to the weekend!


  1. It was so great to have you all here! Your pictures are fantastic too! See you in a couple months

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend.

    ps- the weather so far this spring really kind of sucks, doesn't it :)

  3. kittymac10.4.11

    Can I pleeeeeeaaase have a print of that one of Nathan and Fiona? It nearly made me cry cuz of its cuteness!! Oh I will have to do everything in my power to get to the lake in June!! Miss you so much!!!


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