March 16, 2011

Thinking About...

Photo via Toast UK

...Japan.  I haven't mentioned it, but honestly, who isn't thinking about Japan right now?  I am stunned and heartbroken for the people of Japan and even more grateful for everything I have in my own life.  Any little problem I may have certainly pales in comparison.

...the possibility of having to fly with my little boys by myself next week.  I'm a little nervous.  (Okay, more than a little.) I'm trying to wrap my head around it now so that I'm fully prepared when the time comes.

...the fact that the bulbs we planted are starting to come up.  Tiny little shoots of green (green!) in front of the house.  Did I mention that I can finally see my grass?  Spring is coming! need to get organized.  Maybe it's the urge for Spring Cleaning.  My to-do list is full of things like getting caught up on the kids' doctor's appointments, cleaning out drawers, taxes, and other fun errands.  I know that getting ahead of those types of things always makes me feel better. sore arms.  I have been really good about exercising the last few weeks, and as a result, I've been sore for the last few weeks.  It's a great feeling, so it's not a complaint.  I really want to keep it up!  My arms feel good, but it's my backside that could use more attention.  Thinking lunges and squats.

...this post that Chelsea at Frolic wrote a couple weeks ago, about properly crediting photos on blogs.  I read it that week, and I've been focused on finding the original source for pictures since then, but it has truly taken a lot of the fun out of Pinterest for me.  Who has time to follow the tumblr bread crumb back to the beginning?  Especially when it very often has no beginning.  Also, as stated by a lot of the 162 (!) commenters, it's hard to know the rules.  I'm figuring out that most pictures I'd want to use are by professional photographers, or photographers on flickr with 'all rights reserved', which means I technically can't use their pictures without permission.  I gotta think they wouldn't care, since only a handful of people read this little blog of mine, and I'd feel guilty if I did it without asking.  So there you have it.  I think you'll be seeing mostly pictures of my own on the blog from here on out, with the occasional shot from an etsy shop or big stores (like the above shot, from the Toast catalog), because they already purchased the rights to the photo.  Oh phew!  That's enough thought about that!  Blogging is supposed to be fun!


  1. Hi Mary - what a thoughtful post. I too would be nervous to fly alone with kids - not sure why, it just feels like a tad too much responsibility doesn't it? I am sure it will be fine - my Dad was an airline pilot for his whole career and never even had a near miss, so flying; we should trust it more! Just think of it like a car journey with a different view out the window!

    On the topic of crediting pics - I so hear you. You know I have blogged on this topic this week. I think the post on Frolic is really instructive and there are so many people who just credit 'pinterest' or 'flickr' (I have done this). Really that's kinda like saying I credit the entire internet for this image! However you are right that it does take the fun out if it. I worry I won't have the time and that will mean I blog less as it will become an admin exercise rather than a creative outlet. However the post really did make me think, so if nothing else that's good. Lou x

  2. I've been thinking about Japan nonstop. I was watching CNN at the gym yesterday and I just wanted to bawl my eyes out when a story about a 4 month old baby being found came on. The thought alone is terrifying. I can't imagine it being reality. :[

  3. It is so heartbreaking what is happening in Japan. It almost makes it hard to talk about- that the words won't carry enough magnitude.

    I kind of don't care for Tumblr because of how far of a rabbit hole it can be from the original source. The nice thing about Pinterest is that if you pinned from the photographer or flickr it includes their name along with the pinner (!) when you use the 'embed' feature on the right for the source. The whole photo thing is kind of a challenge, mostly if you source the photog it is probably ok. But this is part of why I started to mostly use my own images or those from a magazine. Less stress.

  4. i totally agree with louboo about blogging becoming more admin and less creative. i am conflicted on this topic. i didn't love chelsea's post. i know she is an expert and i respect that.


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