May 16, 2013

I Apologize...

Day 13 of The Challenge.  Issue an apology.

I'm sorry, Kevin, for posting this video which makes you look like you don't know how to use a camera.  I'm sorry to my sister Dawn, too, who appears in it with me, although I don't think she'll mind.

I ran across this video when searching for a picture of me.  It made me laugh, and since this blog is my happy place, I decided it belonged here.  It was taken during a 2005 trip to Prague and Budapest with my sister and brother-in-law.  Our favorite pub was a place called U Fleku in Prague, where the beer has been made by monks for the past half-century or so.  It was wonderful.  The shots we are enjoying were served warm and were very sweet.  And strong.  Happy days...

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  1. "oh its recording a movie". love it! so cute.


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