October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

I love The Head of the Charles.  It's a gorgeous event for spectators, with all the boats gracefully racing down The Charles River.  It's also an awesome reason to go into Cambridge on a beautiful Fall weekend.  The boys love seeing the boats, choosing what to have for lunch from the many vendor options lined up along the river, kicking a ball or throwing a frisbee, walking through Cambridge, people-watching in Harvard Square...  This year it was so warm we even stopped for ice cream!  (Typically we are trying to warm up with hot apple cider.)  It's a fun tradition to have, and it's getting fun to look back at previous years and think about how the boys have grown.  

Sunday was mostly spent hanging out at home, raking, cleaning, playing, picking out stools...  Oh and dropping Aaron off at a birthday party.  (We have entered a new phase - being able to drop him off is kind of nice!)

A few little goals for the week:

1.  Sort through the giant pile of house-related paperwork on the desk.  
2.  Get together with a friend.  
3.  Plank and pigeon poses.
4.  Water.
5.  Check out an online to-do list application.  I haven't figured out a system yet, and I need something.

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