October 29, 2012

A Few Thoughts While We Wait for Sandy...

*These might be our best jack-o-lanterns yet.  I'm pretty psyched at how well Spiderman turned out.  The boys are very excited. 

*Our weekend was productive, with a little fun mixed in.  We spent a few hours on Saturday afternoon at a furniture store.  Bleh!  But we are closer to picking out some furniture for our empty living room, and that will be exciting.  Saturday night, I went with a friend to see Milo Greene in concert.  They were AWESOME!  Really really fun band to see live, especially in a small club setting.  Sunday consisted of a brunch out, several hours putting together the new Murphy Bed (only to realize afterwards that we will have to take it completely apart again in order to paint it...ugh), baking pumpkin cookies (YUM!), carving pumpkins, and watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  The bed part was not fun, but the rest of the day was!

*School is canceled, so the boys and I are hunkered down at home, watching the windy rain through the windows.  The power has already gone out once this morning.  Let's hope that's it for us.  My thoughts are with my friends and family who live closer to the direct path of the hurricane.  

*I'm hoping Sandy hurries up and blasts through here quickly so that Halloween isn't ruined.  I can handle a little rain, but if everyone's power is out, there won't be trick-or-treating.  And I will have a devastated train engineer and  a very sad pirate on my hands.  Fingers crossed...

image via Associated Press/Weather Underground


  1. Gosh - thinking of you...hopefully as you say, it will skirt around you. We had our share of bizarre weather this year and it does really hit home! I would for example never underestimate a flood like I did in June! Even a little puddles gives me pause for thought now! I will be following it on the news and hope you are all OK :-) Lou x


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