October 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had an awesome Fall weekend.  Our very good friends came to visit, and we always have the best time with them, regardless of the itinerary.  Our kids have fun playing together, too, and since they left, Aaron has been asking when they're coming back and why they can't live closer to us.

The weekend consisted mostly of playing and hanging out, but we also ventured up to the farm on Sunday to take a hay ride, look at animals, play on the playground, and pick apples.  It was a long weekend for us, and it truly did feel like a holiday.  Sunday brought cooler, more seasonable weather.  It got colder as the day progressed, and none of us minded.  We took those apples home, and I made a pie.  Then I put a chicken in to roast, filling the house with yummy smells.  We watched football in front of a fire, and the kids built a fort and giant lego towers.  

After our friends left on Monday, we spent the day organizing and cleaning and continuing the process of putting our house back together.  We are SO close to being done!   (With the work, anyway - the process of buying furniture and decorating will continue on for quite a while.)  I will share more pictures soon.  

Goals for this week:
1.  Buy our tickets to Spain for the holidays!  
2.  Apply for Aaron's new passport (they sure do not make that an easy process)
3.  Organize, clean, organize
4.  Bring the guitar back downstairs and pick it up again (it has been too long!)
5.  Start looking forward to the holidays (no, it's not too early!)

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