October 30, 2012

Sandy Update

Dinner by candlelight

We got the fun part of the hurricane.  A couple days without school, a brief (4-5 hours) power outage, and fun hanging out with my boys.  The yard is a little messy, but I have no complaints.  The storm even moved through in time for Halloween.  Tomorrow's trick-or-treating should be a go - perhaps a little wet, but nothing that would prevent me from taking out my pirate and train engineer for some treats.  Yay!

I am still shocked at some of the pictures coming out of New York and New Jersey, though.  I hope they are able to complete the cleanup quickly and get the city up and running again soon.

Having fun with slow shutter speeds

Who needs power when you have Superman and Batman?


  1. I'm glad you are all safe Mary, enjoy your time at home.

    And how impressive are those pumpkins, fabulous!! Love the masked & caped crusaders too!! XX

  2. While I was on my run today I was listening to A Father's First Spring... I immediately thought of you... Happy to hear that you are ok. My thoughts are with your neighbors. Much love from Oklahoma.


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