October 17, 2012

The Playroom

I want to make every room in our house comfortable, uncluttered, and beautiful.  That's a nice goal, isn't it?  Sometimes rooms come together easily, and other times it is more of a challenge.  Actually, it's usually a challenge for me since I have no talent for decorating or design.  The playroom/guest room is definitely a challenge spot.

It's a nice room, with a huge vaulted ceiling and a really cool light.  The walls are a nice shade of gray.  The rug is a fabulous shade of yellow, I adore it, and it's perfect for a guest bedroom.  For a playroom, however, the rug is not as big or as comfortable as it needs to be.  As we moved the train table and other toys in, I also realized that we could really use a set of shelves or something to help organize the space.  We have started to notice that although the boys do play in there at times, they more often go in to get toys and then bring them out to the family room or kitchen.  I have to figure out how to make the room more conducive to playing.  I'm hoping a comfy rug and a set of shelves will do the trick.  

The walls are in good shape at least.  I got this awesome Michelle Armas print, and we recently hung an art cable so that we have somewhere to hang some of the many fabulous pieces of art that the boys create.  We also got a large laminated map, so we can point out that Turkey is, in fact, a country as well as an animal, and we can better illustrate the size of the ocean that separates us from Cousin Zach.  

The big missing piece, and the piece that enables this room as a guest room, is the Murphy Bed.  It is scheduled to be delivered next month, and then comes the simple chore of painting it.  Ugh.  Little by little...

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  1. I love all the details here! I cannot wait to see the bed!


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