December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

We went to the Boston Pops' Holiday concert this weekend.  It is one of our family's holiday traditions - I have gone every year since I moved to Boston, with one exception of a couple years ago when a blizzard kept me away.  I love it.  Symphony Hall is one of the best places in the world to hear music, and it's gorgeous to look at as well.  I love being able to expose my son to this type of music too.  They have late morning concerts that are specifically geared towards families, so while they play some songs in the adult classical variety, they also perform "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and have a Christmas carol sing-along.  It's a great balance.  My big boy was so excited to go, and he couldn't wait for Santa to make an appearance.  I think maybe next year we'll bring the little guy too. 

The other highlight of the weekend was a cookie swap I went to on Sunday evening.  I spent the morning baking, and then walked over to a neighbor's house for dinner and wine and cookies.  It was a really nice time, and perhaps the start of another annual tradition! 

Only six days to go.  On my list to do this week...

*Big boy's doctor appointment.  Not a fun way to start the week, but what are you going to do?
*Picking up skis for me and the big boy.  Definitely way more fun than the doctor.  Did I mention we're going to start ski lessons in a couple weeks?  Woohoo!
*Trips to Costco, the grocery store, the liquor store, the seafood store, and the cheese shop.  We will be filling our house with goodies in preparation for family arriving on Christmas Eve.
*Cooking!  I will be making a few dishes in advance to try to make Christmas Day a little lower-maintenance, especially since my usual cooking partner (my sister) will be jet-lagged. 
*Have fun!  I am working through Wednesday, but then I'm going to enjoy some much-needed time off. 

Now if only it would snow!

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