December 12, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Whew!  We had a very fun weekend celebrating my son's 5th birthday.  On Saturday we hosted a party with his friends at home.  Eleven kids plus parents made for a very crowded house, but everyone had a good time.  Hide-and-seek, a wooden racecar craft, pin the tail on the donkey, pizza/cake/ice cream, and a red racecar pinata full of goodies.  My big boy had a blast!  It was such a stark contrast to last year's party, when everyone seemed to cling to their mom's legs, and my son almost cried when everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to him.  This time, they were off and running the moment they hit the door.  He smiled when we sang, and he blew out his candles with one try. 

On Sunday, we had a house full of family.  We ate lunch, enjoyed the second half of the cake, and opened more (!) presents.  We spent the rest of the day playing with his new toys.  He had many favorites, although the marble run (shown above) was especially fun.  I actually had a lot of fun playing with it too! 

His actual birthday is on Wednesday.  A mid-week birthday calls for an extended celebration, so that's what he's getting.  On the actual day, he'll get rice krispie treats to bring to school for his friends, and he'll get to choose what we have for dinner. 

Wow that is a lot of celebrating!  But hey, he'll only turn five once.


  1. I cant even imagine 11 kids in one house! I'm glad his party was a hit. :]

  2. How lovely, it takes me back! Hope he had a great day, my son enjoyed his 25th!

  3. FIVE! I love the big balloon. happy bday! i always forget he and p and i are so close with our bdays (she is tomorrow!) december is certainly a festive time of year! xoxo

  4. Hollie - let me just tell you...10 5-year-olds plus 1 2-year-old plus 2 babies = LOUD. Thankfully most of the noise was happy. A Trifle Rushed - 25 is difficult for me to imagine right now. Glad your son had a happy day too! Portland - I forgot that P was tomorrow! Yes it is a happy time of year for sure - happy birthday P!


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