December 8, 2011

The Holiday Season

Part of the reason I started the season feeling unorganized and scatterbrained is because I failed to make a list.  Lists are wonderful things.  They are so easy to do, and they never fail to highlight what's really important.  Writing this post last year helped me focus on what I wanted to get out of the holiday season, so although the list is nearly identical (this time of year is full of family traditions), I needed to do it again.  I am doing this a bit late, so some of these are already complete or underway. 

When I think about what I want to do as a family this holiday season, here's what makes the list:

- Make a paper chain for the Christmas tree with the big boy (he doesn't need help this year, so although we still work together, it's even more fun)
- Watch Rudolph while we decorate the tree (with colored lights!)
- Bake something yummy to bring to the neighbors
- Send holiday cards
- Cut paper snowflakes with the big boy to decorate the house (he did these all by himself this year!)
- Attend the Holiday Pops concert at Symphony Hall. (Last year was the big boy's first year attending, and he is so excited to go again.)
- Purchase gifts for a child living in poverty (buying presents for someone you don't know is wonderful, and it initiated a cool conversation with my son about Santa and homeless kids and how fortunate we are to have so much)
- Celebrate St. Nicholas' Day (Dec. 6th - they each got a train in their shoes, and they almost fell down the stairs to get them)
- Games - Beat my mom at Scrabble (one of life's little pleasures, especially since it's rare), play Apples to Apples with family, Hi-Ho Cherry-o with the boys.
- Watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and cry at the end like I always do.  I am in such a mood to watch "Little Women" too.  That may happen tonight.
- Cookies, cookies, cookies - Some to enjoy on the spot, some to decorate, some to bring to a cookie swap, some to freeze so we can replenish our supply as needed.
- Allow my kids to open a present on Christmas Eve - a new set of pajamas.
- Chocolate fondue and champagne on New Year's Eve.

What's on your list?  What are the highlights of your holiday season?


  1. What a great list Mary, I must sit down and make one, it's so good to take a few moments to focus on being organised. I agree about sending a present to a child overseas. I'll be watching both the movies when I'm in France for the New Year, I'm experimenting with no TV here in London, and it's very refreshing to turn to books and the iPod straight away!

  2. Hi Mary - Little Women was on TV last night and I thought of you! I agree; there is so much goodness to get out of this season if it is done right. But you have to make a list and slow it down to get the best out of each experience. Here's to a list-making weekend... Lou x

  3. Great holiday to do list! I'm hoping to make some santa cookies this weekend.


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