April 18, 2011

Weekend and Goals

I'm totally going to steal the format of this post from one of my favorites, Pink O'Clock.  I love how she starts each week with a list of goals. 

Highlights from the weekend:

1.  It was supposed to rain all day yesterday, but it didn't.  There were a few short-lived sprinkles, but otherwise the sun was shining through the puffy clouds.  It gave us a lot of time to play outside, even venturing up to our community farm for a visit to the baby (but growing!) pigs.  
2. "When Harry Met Sally" was on.  I could probably recite the entire thing by now, but I still love it.  
3.  Lately, the little boy has been jumping into my arms after getting out of the bath.  I wrap him up quickly with a towel, and he throws his arms around my neck.  I love holding his naked little body. 
4.  The boys are playing more and more together, giggling and squealing and screaming.  It's loud, but the noise is so happy that I don't mind.  (The unhappy noise that happens when they steal something or hit the other one in the face...well, that noise I do mind.)
5.  A bottle of Australian Shiraz.
Five commitments for the week:

1.  Get to bed early (before 9:30).  I've been staying up too late recently, and the bags under my eyes are growing.  I need some quality shut-eye.  
2.  Don't complain about the weather.  It's chilly.  It's rainy.  It's Spring. 
3.  Come up with some new ideas for the boys' lunchboxes. 
4.  Along the same lines, revitalize dinner planning.  Since the husband has been out of town, I've been slacking. 
5.  Do some yoga. 


  1. what a great idea! i had somewhat of an epiphany last night of things i needed to work on, so why not dedicate this week to it?? love it! and don't you love martha stewart everything? i'd sell my soul for her homemaking skills haha. but seriously.

  2. This is a really good idea. I get so sidetracked throughout the week that I barely remember the things I'm supposed to do, let alone the one I want to do.

    ps. I tried a pinot noir from Oregon over the weekend, and it's my new favorite.

  3. Hello - we are really are on some cosmic opposite sides of the Atlantic thing, you and I! I too have tried to shake up the mealtimes. I too am obsessed with weather. I too could recite harry met sally - I love that film; it is timeless. And Shiraz...well yes - but as I am still on some kinda detox (I know this is where we differ) I am off the wine on weekdays! Roll on the weekend...Lou x

  4. I need to get to bed earlier too!

  5. Hollie, I adore Oregon pinot. Adelsheim is my favorite - it's on the expensive side, so it's a special occasion bottle, but check it out. It's yummy. Lou - I do abstain from wine during the week, so perhaps we're even more alike! ;-)


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