April 27, 2011

Rosemary-Mint Shampoo, Sunset Drawings, and Strawberry Plants

I'm going to continue to be a little sporadic in posting for a while.  I'm sick and crabby, and I'm fairly certain nobody wants to hear me talk about how sick and crabby I am.  Instead, let's look at some of the loveliness from my yard and see if I can come up with three beautiful things about this week.  Here goes...

1.  The smell of Aveda's Rosemary Mint shampoo.  Such a lovely way to start each day.  (Thanks Mom!)

2.  My big boy presented me with a drawing from school.  A green house and an orange sky.  "The sun is going down, Mom."  Love it.

3.  Strawberry plants.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the bunnies won't find this pot of strawberries.  We have a lot of flowers already, and with them the promise of berries.  Even if we only get a few, it'll still be fun and exciting, especially for the boys.


  1. feel better, mary! and i love your three beautiful things.

  2. Lovely! But good luck keeping the bunnies away from your strawberries...


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