April 4, 2011

Thoughts of Spring and Inspiration...

This change of seasons gets me every year.  I adore the warm sunshine of Summer, the fantastic colors of Autumn, and even the twinkling magic of Winter.  But then there's Spring.  Spring in New England can best be described as cold, rainy, muddy, and windy.  The flowers will eventually make their appearance, but it happens very slowly, and the full beauty of the season isn't realized until towards the end of May.  The farmer's market moves outside at the end of May.  Strawberry-picking isn't until the middle of June. 

I'm trying to stay positive, but I have to admit that it is a real effort lately.  In addition to the typical Spring weather, my husband is back to traveling full-time for work.  This leaves me at home, trying to balance everything on my own.  Let me just say that it's hard. 

Here are a few things I'm loving right now...

I don't see many flowers outside yet, so I am drawn to gorgeous pictures of them.
Photograph by the always-inspiring Alicia Bock

The new mini-series, Mildred Pierce, on HBO.  Another reason for me to love Kate Winslet. 
Official cover art via word and film

I gave up ice cream for a few months.  I had been in the habit of enjoying some every night, and I figured Winter was a good time to give it a break.  Plus it's so darn cold!  But it was my birthday a week ago, and then Haagen-Daaz was on sale at the grocery store, so I guess my break is over.  It's still pretty darn cold, but tonight I plan to sit by my fireplace and enjoy some ice cream.  
photo by Jayme Michelle at Delectable Deliciousness
I left a message with our contractors last week, ready to start conversations about our big home renovation.  We want to start the planning and design.  How exciting!
Photo by Julian Wass

What else can I do to remain positive and inspired through this cold and wet month of April?  I'm seriously asking here.  Perhaps something sweet to bake?  A great book to read?  How about your favorite blog?  What is inspiring you right now?  Books, music, art, food...I would love to hear your suggestions. 


  1. I always say that I want to move North b/c of the heat.. but then I see posts like this, and I'm pretty sure I don't have it in me.

    Our weather has been up & down, varying from 90 to 70, but I'm really going to try not to complain about it this year, since it doesn't help any. :]

    I've been listening to a lot of music for inspiration, as of late, and spending what little free time I have trying to get back into a running groove.

    But one of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling down is taking a lazy drive to nowhere,with some good music. Its a great mood booster!

  2. Hi Mary - it's a long slog of a winter isn't it? Even today it's windy and rainy so the newly sprouted daffodils are getting battered! I must admit there is a blog that gives me alot of summer inspiration - it's Kelle Hampton's blog called 'Enjoying the Small Things'. As she is from Florida you get that hit of summer every time you visit.

    I felt a whole lot better when I went out and bought some new pale pink ballet flats for Spring - but it's too cold to wear them yet and I know you don't share my obsession with shopping!

    I also got a fab book called 'At Home With Country' by Christina Strutt and that has some GORGEOUS ideas - especially some New England style houses with nautical inspiration. Might be your kinda thing?

    Lou xx

  3. as if we really needed another reason to love Kate. She's the best.

  4. great post and photos, mary, as usual. i'm loving mildred pierce, too.

    i just ordered tina fey's new book, bossypants, which promises to be hilarious, so maybe that could be a new read? xoxo

  5. YOU are inspiring to me! thank you for this post!

  6. Such nice comments! I swear, my blog does wonders towards keeping me positive, and my fantastic readers absolutely help too! Hollie - Music is always always always a source of inspiration for me. This week it's the latest Fleet Foxes song. Amazing. Lou-I have seen Kelle Hampton's blog before, and it's gorgeous. Amazing pictures. I have to try not to get too jealous when I read blogs from warm places, though. 'At Home with Country' looks beautiful - I will check that out. Megan - Bossypants is sitting in my Amazon cart right now. It looks hilarious and I adore Tina Fey.


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