April 8, 2011

Spring is Here

My mood is improving along with the weather.  Despite a cold and rainy start to the week, it has finished with a couple very sunny and mild days.  It's amazing how much a little sunshine can lift my mood.

One of my windshield wipers was broken by last week's snow.  (That actually sounds funny now.)  I wasn't able to take care of it until today, so I brought it up to our local repair shop.  I left it and walked back home.  In walking back to pick it up, I felt so lucky to be able to take a walk in the middle of the day.  It's not a long walk, but I appreciated it nonetheless.  It's very rare that I'm able to take a walk by myself, so I'm actually a little thankful that my wiper was broken.  I was also reminded just how beautiful it is where I live.  We're less than half an hour away from Boston, but we are surrounded by farms.  It's the perfect balance between city and country living.

I snapped a couple pictures while I was out.  The red barn above is my favorite.  Driving around the curve and seeing that view, especially when the cows are out front, is when I know I'm home.  The crocuses are almost all blooming now, and the daffodils won't be too far behind.  Today is opening day at Fenway, and the Red Sox haven't won a game yet.  Still, I feel optimistic.  Spring is here.


  1. The barn picture is so good! I do love your outlook. Sometimes it's so hard for me to keep in mind that things, even bad ones, happen for a reason. I definitely could have used a broken windshield wiper this week.

  2. that red barn makes me oh so happy

  3. great photos! i would love to see that red barn every day. spring is most definitely in the air and it is most definitely wonderful!


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