April 20, 2011

Waiting for Patience...

photo by honeytree

What a week this has been so far.  I think I need a break, because my patience seems to be completely gone.  I've found myself snapping at the boys, being short with colleagues, and shutting myself down completely at night.  So I sit here, taking deep breaths and catching up on my blog reader, because I find such inspiration and optimism there.  Only for a short while, though, because I think some yoga would do me some good tonight.  

I've struggled to find time to do the things I want to do, and yet I still have found time to spend online.  There are so many other things I'd like to have time to do.  I sometimes think that I should be doing those things instead of maintaining a blog.  For example, there are several friends I've been meaning to call or email - it's been too long.  I could be doing that now instead of writing here.  I guess with everything, writing on my blog has to be prioritized.  I do it because I need this outlet, and it has been a positive in my life, but I will probably always assess how much time I put into it.  

In addition to working today, I managed to check a few other items off my list.  I honestly don't know how I'd manage if I didn't have these work-from-home days.  I can fold laundry while on a conference call.  Quickly heat up leftovers for lunch.  Skip makeup.  By eliminating the commute, I gain an extra hour, and I definitely feel the cushion of that hour.  I'll admit there are times when the pull of doing tasks around the house is stronger than my desire to do work, and that's a force I have to keep in check. Multi-tasking is my friend, though, and in general I've been very effective here.  

I haven't had much time to think forward lately.  We're headed to my mother-in-law's for Easter, and my big boy is getting excited for the egg hunt and visiting family.  I just checked the weather - why do I do that? - and typically, the forecast is calling for chilly rain.  Since I promised not to complain about the weather, I'm not.  Just making an observation.  


  1. found your blog so randomly ,love it so much
    it looks so calming ,and now i'm following :)


  2. thanks for the honesty in this post, mary. :)

  3. Hi Mary - I feel your frustration in this post! We all get it - for sure. I got cross with my daughter yesterday and gave her a proper lecture and then after thought 'what was that for??!!' Crazy mummy speaking. I was just cross because our house was a complete mess and I was having to clear it all up while they played. But of course they are meant to play! That is the whole point. I just got worried that I am doing that very female thing of doing everything myself cos I secretly think I do it best; which is nuts.

    With the priority for blogging - that is an interesting point. I find I dip in and out of blogging all the time I am near a computer - so much of the day and night. My blog doesn't really seem like a demand to me - unlike so many other things. I like just checking in. I like writing. I like sourcing pics. So it's like a job that isn't a chore and I am sure that is why I make time for it. it's my happy place. But of course the sentiment of your quote is right - why waste time online? I guess because it takes the least effort!

    I find these frustrated days pass and then I get into a more motivated phase where I manage to send emails to friends and blog and clean the house and work effectively (am so with you on the work from home days). Take care, Lou x


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