January 11, 2010

Best Brownies EVER!

One of our discoveries this holiday season? Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix. After listening to a woman rave about them at Costco, I decided it'd be good to have an extra chocolate dessert offering during the holidays, so I picked up a box. Oh. My. God. They are perfect. I will never buy Betty Crocker again - I don't care if they do go on sale for $1/box.
Oh, and my sister got me this silly pan for my birthday. It feels a little indulgent to have a pan for such a singular purpose, but I love it! I am definitely a fan of the edge piece, and everyone enjoyed the brownies from this pan. Now I just have to figure out how to keep from making brownies every single weekend.

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  1. i just bought a huge box of this mix at costco today. sweettooth. first batch (of 6!) is baking now. house smells amazing. and i admit, i tasted (ate lots of) the batter...delicious.


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