January 25, 2010

500 Days of Summer

I was by myself this weekend with two sick boys. The little boy needed hugs, so we stayed up late watching movies. Looking at the bright side, I chose to rent a few movies that Kevin would probably not be interested in.

The one that stood out the most was 500 Days of Summer. It is a very sweet and quirky movie, and I very much enjoyed it. It is pretty rare when you see a romantic comedy with any sort of originality. For example, one of the other movies I watched this weekend was "The Proposal". Not a bad movie for what it was, and I like (looking at) Ryan Reynolds, but it was totally and completely predictable. The same formula used by 99% of romantic comedies. So it's nice when one tries to do something a little different.

I won't attempt to write a full review, but you can read this one if you're interested.
The soundtrack is really good, too. I enjoyed the music during the movie, and the collection of songs is fun.

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