January 8, 2009

List Update

In the spirit of the New Year, it's time for another list update:

1. Take more bubble baths (okay, so I've only taken two since I started this list, but that counts as 'more')
2. Go apple picking
3. Create photo book in time to give it to my husband for Christmas
4. Visit Barcelona to meet my new nephew (Going next month. Can't wait!)
5. Write letters to 3 friends (Christmas cards don't count!)
6. Sign up for a yoga class (this one may not happen, but I did do a couple yoga videos at home.)
7. Take a picture of all 3 of us for our holiday cards (The picture isn't the greatest, but I was able to include some other pictures in the card. And I must say - I got a ton of compliments on this year's cards. Definitely one of my faves.)
8. Organize our office desk at home
9. Get dressed up and go to the Holiday Pops with K (Had tickets and babysitter all lined up - Darn snowstorm prevented us from going. Booooooo.)
10. Get rid of my wedding dress (if no takers on Craig's List, then donate) (Update: Okay, now my sister and SIL insist that I give it to someone in the family instead. So family - any takers?)
11. Take the little boy to the library (This has become a favorite Saturday morning activity.)
12. Bake a yummy gift for the neighbors for the holidays
13. Make time to see old friends while home for Thanksgiving (Marking it off because the holiday is over, not because I actually followed through. I tried, though - really I did!)
14. Spiffy up my desk at the office - new family photos, new calendar, clean out files, etc.
15. Watch Fantasia again
16. Learn how to play a few new songs on the guitar (It's time to learn a couple more, though!)
17. Do some lessons in my Spanish instruction book - work towards doing one per week
18. See a movie in the theater, complete with popcorn and raisinets
19. Use my still-unused spa gift card and get a pedicure (Thanks, C! When do you want to go again?)
20. Host a brunch for some friends and little ones (This continues to be postponed due to our next phase of house renovations. It may not make the deadline, but I am determined to do it.)
21. Eat dinner at Blue Ginger, or maybe No. 9 Park if I'm really good (We had lunch at Blue Ginger, but I think we'll do dinner later this month.)
22. Go sledding with my boys (I need to figure out how to talk the little boy into wearing snow pants and boots first.)
23. Bake a pie from scratch
24. Surprise my husband with homemade chocolate pudding (I got the ramekins for Christmas, so I can do this soon.)
25. Organize my CDs (Will this ever actually happen?)
26. Get my hair colored at the salon
27. Organize drawers in the little boy's room (No idea what stops me from doing this one.)
28. Tickle the boy and giggle every day* (This one's so easy!)
29. Organize my recipe binder
30. Pick out window treatments for our new downstairs windows
31. Clean out nightstand drawers
32. Go to a museum
33. Do some sit-ups and push-ups and stretching while watching TV (But I was sore the next day, so obviously I need to keep it up!)
34. Carve a jack-o-lantern out of one of our home-grown pumpkins - let the little boy make a huge mess with the insides


  1. Anonymous8.1.09

    First comment- love the photo of the three of you! Second, I would make a to-do list if I thought it would help me get organized, but I would probably end up depressed by how many I never got around to doing.

  2. Anonymous - I totally understand. But I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't complete the list - they're just goals. You'll notice there are a few that I didn't complete along the way already. Also, I tried to make them small enough things so that I was able to do them and feel good making progress along the way.

    And thanks for the compliment on the picture!

  3. wow. great work on your list. makes me want to get going on my NYRs. i am in love with your xmas card, and i don't think i ever told you that. so great! well done.

  4. Wow. You are doing so great! And that photo of you is totally adorable!


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