January 12, 2009

Awards Season

I am such a sucker for awards shows. I am not sure why - I'm not normally interested in Hollywood goings-on, but I love movies and I love (some) TV, and it is so fun to watch famous people get all dressed up. It's also sometimes fun to hear what they have to say. So I watched the Golden Globes when my basketball game was in time outs or commercial breaks. I was so happy to see Slumdog Millionaire and 30 Rock receive their awards.

Here were some of my favorites from the red carpet:

Not a huge fan of this bland color that everyone seemed to be wearing, but it actually looks good on Elizabeth, and I adore her hair!

Not sure what's going on with Cameron's hair, but I love the dress - the color is unique and absolutely perfect for her.

I'm not normally a fan of big bows, but this one works. The necklace looks gorgeous against the white, and Eva is just so beautiful.

Okay, there's nothing that particularly stands out about their outfits. I just adore Kate. And somewhere between Catch Me If You Can and Blood Diamond, Leo became a man. A really. sexy. man.


  1. i agree i agree i agree with all of your picks. way to keep yours positive (no bad picks).

  2. I ADORE Kate and you are spot-on about Leo, whom I never thought much of until recently.

    That really is a beautiful color pink on Cam...


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