November 11, 2008

Superhero Birthday Party

*Images from Ambrosia Girl
I love this birthday party! Great colors, gender-neutral theme, the capes will no doubt get used for a long time... Perfect! I love it.

Now, one day I'll have to break it to my little boy - he doesn't have a mom that will do stuff like this. Actually, I think he'll figure it out on his own. I'll bake him a cake and invite some friends over, but I'm simply not the crafty type. Then again, who knows? Let's check back in a couple years and see how we're doing. I thought I'd bookmark this one in the blog just in case I get ambitious. Aren't the capes adorable?


  1. I always did the cake & ice cream and few party games too. Simple, but fun!

  2. Anonymous13.11.08

    Actually Mary, beach towels work just fine...believe me, kids will put on capes when you least expect it! My kids never complained that their parties didn't have "themes!"

  3. Kitty, good to know. I'm all for simplicity. (Those capes are still pretty darn cute, though, huh?) ;-)

  4. the capes are such a great idea!

  5. Hi Mary, thanks for the post! :)


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