November 11, 2008

Stocking Stuffers

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I've pointed out before that stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning. Does your family stuff their stockings? My husband's family doesn't do stockings, and friends have told me they just get candy. I feel so lucky that this has been a part of my family's traditions.

Stockings don't have to be elaborate and if you try to do too many "real" gifts, you can go overboard very easily. Ours usually have a balance one or two small but "real" presents, silly things (yo-yos, rubik's cube...), practical things (nail polish, fun socks...), of course some candy, and a tangerine at the bottom. We have so much fun being creative and coming up with things for our stockings, and after all the presents under the tree have been opened, we all exclaim: "But wait! We still have stockings!" It's the greatest.

Okay, enough ranting. On to the ideas. Here are a few things I've stumbled across lately that I think would make good stocking stuffers, and I thought I'd include a general list as well. If you haven't done stockings before, perhaps it's a good time to start!

Aluminum Water Bottle - perfect for your gym-loving sister, perhaps
Pop Color Catchall - this is perhaps a little more expensive than what I like to spend for a stocking stuffer, but they sure are cute!
Utopia Patterned Postcards - notecards are a great stocking stuffer, and I love these new postcards from How About Orange!
Puzzlemaster - I got these Puzzlemaster cards for my mom's stocking last year, and they were a huge hit! If you have a puzzle-lover in your family, these are great.
Slinky, Wooly Willy, Rubik's Cube, Yo-Yo..... - Restoration Hardware is a fun place for stocking stuffers, although you could go overboard a bit too easily here. It's a good place to get ideas, though.

Other ideas:
- Donation to their favorite cause. (I had 20 trees planted in my sister's name last year, and put the certificate in her stocking. I think it was her favorite gift!)
- Fun socks, such as these
- Favorite candies, of course
- Manicure needs - nail polish, file, etc.
- Bubble bath, yummy soaps, facial wash or lotion...
- Lip gloss (this is my favorite)

- I love this round-up of gifts under $5 - they would all look great in a stocking

For the little kiddies:
- Stickers
- Play-doh
- Mini-slinky
- Crayons
- Toy cars

See how much fun this is?!? I know I could go on and on....I already have, so I'll stop now. I hope you've found something in this post that's inspired you to start filling those stockings!


  1. Haven't used a Wooly Willy in ages! You bring back great memories with this post. (And yes, we do Stockings!)

  2. I didn't even know what a Wooly Willy was until I clicked on the link. And then I said "Oh, of course!"

    I really like the Lego soap on Etsy. Thanks for the fun post!


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