November 3, 2008

I Love Me List

Melissa at Operation Nice gave us an assignment to make a Love List containing all the things we love about ourselves. So here goes...

I love that I can sing. Family campfires, singing with the radio, or actually performing - it's all great and I love that I can do it. I love that I can get up in front of a group of people and present something. I'm not usually nervous either, as long as I know what I'm talking about. I love my middle name - Eliza. I used to hate it when I was little, and I have no idea why. It's so pretty. I love that I tan easily. I still wear lots of sunscreen, and I'm pretty pale year-round now that I live in New England, but when I do venture out into the sun, I end up with some nice color. I love that I am very focused on keeping in touch with my friends and family - I can always do better, but I think I'm a pretty good friend and sister and daughter. I also love that I'm a good mom. There was a time when I couldn't imagine having kids, and now I can't imagine not being a mom. It is all coming so naturally to me. I love my body - it's not perfect, but it's perfectly me. I can (and do!) eat ice cream every day, and I'm still pretty petite. And I'm strong enough to carry my son, my laptop case, two lunch bags, a nap sack, and my purse - all while locking the front door!

I'm sure I could come up with more if I spent more time on this, but I think it has served its purpose. I am now happier than ever to be me!

What are the things you love about being you?


  1. Lovely idea ... I love that I write! Love living in New England, with such easy access to many great places. Love that I keep music in my life, and love that I walk often. I could go on and on, thanks for giving me something nice to think about today!

  2. Anonymous3.11.08

    I loved reading your love list Mary! If you get a chance you can see mine at

    Have An Awesome Day!!

  3. So wonderful! Eliza is a beautiful (middle) name, I'm glad you love it now! :)

  4. Awesome that you can sing and people don't cover their ears when you do (as they do me). What is your favorite ice cream? I wish I could eat it every night.
    I am going to have to make my love list. It will be a great reminder.
    I think you are doing pretty well on your list...keep up the great progress.

  5. Oh too many favorite flavors to name just one. My favorite as a kid was strawberry, and I still love it on a hot summer's day. I love coffee/mocha chip, mint chocolate chip. One of my very favorites that I don't have often is called purple cow (black raspberry with white and dark chocolate chunks and blueberries) - mmmmmmmmm!

  6. What a great idea...many of us never take the time to stop and think about these things. It would be fun to do with kids too.

  7. Pretty petite? Pulease! You are teeny tiny, but yes, tres fuerte! Good for you for taking the time to reflect on what you love about you. Maybe I´ll give it a shot... And yes, I can vouch that you are a GREAT sister!


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