November 19, 2008

Kitchen Inspiration

When we first started talking about our dream kitchen, I was envisioning natural wood cabinets, because I somehow thought it would feel cozier. K has insisted on white from the beginning, and I now agree. White kitchens are simple, bright, and clean. This one is going in the inspiration folder.


  1. Anonymous20.11.08

    Hi Mary! I have been dutifully checking your blog through Google Reader which unfortunately makes it harder to comment! So sorry for being a bad blogger.

    I love this kitchen! I have struggled with the wood/white question so many times myself (for my next house, we still rent right now, but you can never start these decisions too early! haha). The white is just so clean! I love the glass cabinets and the farmhouse sink.

  2. your kitchen is going to be amazing...i love everything that you post as "kitchen inspiration"


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