November 5, 2008

Barefoot Books

I recently came across Barefoot Books and thought I'd share. If you have a little kid on your holiday list, and you're looking for ideas, I'm always a huge proponent of getting books. Every kid I know has way too many toys, but I don't think you can ever have too many books. It can be hard, though, to sift through them all to find the ones the kids will love, and you don't always want to stick with the usual favorites for fear of duplication. Barefoot Books has a large number of gorgeous and original books for kids of all ages. Here are a few selections for you to peruse...

Listen, Listen has beautiful illustrations and just the right amount of text on each page to keep a toddler interested.

I love this one - Zig Zag Zebra - containing fun art projects for your preschoolers.

There's even a decent Spanish selection. (I am going to have a trilingual nephew pretty soon!) Here are a couple: Juan y los frijoles mágicos (Jack and the Beanstalk) or Cerdota grandota (How big is a pig?)

For older kids, there are lots of books that celebrate and teach about other cultures. Here's one about Peru called "Up and Down the Andes".

*Images from Barefoot Books

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