November 17, 2008

10 of My Favorite Words

1. Giggle - I like words that sound like what they are.
2. Serendipity - Cute, fun to say, and a lovely meaning.
3. Balderdash - I never actually use this word, but perhaps I should start. Poppycock would fall into the same category.
4. Lovely - I think 'L' is my favorite letter. I also like "littler" even though I know it's not a word. It's just more fun to say than smaller.
5. Spunk - K is up there with L in terms of great letters. Words ending in K are spunky and fun to say. (Note: the F word most definitely falls into this category. A fantastic word that would be on this list if I wasn't trying to stay positive.)
6. Fabulous - Way more fun than wonderful or fantastic.
7. Toot - I like "oo" words. Moon is another great one. But toot is more fun.
8. Feisty - I feel naughty when I use this word.
9. Cinnamon - Pleasing to the mouth and to the senses.
10. Hoptcopter - This is "helicopter" for all of you out there that don't speak "2-year-old". I adore this word. Oooh, and I adore the word adore.

What are your favorites?

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