March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

We started the weekend with a rather cold and dark Saturday, although nobody complained.  We spent time at the library, filled the house with the smells of banana bread and then a roast chicken, ran around outside to fill our lungs with fresh air, ran back inside to warm up, and I didn't feel guilty at all about watching some basketball. 

That said, I was so happy that Sunday was very different - sunny and almost ridiculously warm.  We took the boys to a playground in the next town over - one that we often pass and admire but had not yet visited.  They had a blast exploring the new space - so many slides!  After a couple hours, we decided to eat lunch out, choosing a restaurant with outdoor seating so we could stay in the fresh air.  Nobody wanted to go inside.  It was that kind of day. 

At the end of the day, when everybody was finally ready to go back inside, we hunkered down in the living room, amidst the toys and the boxes and the puzzles and the books (seriously - it is a mess!) to watch my Tar Heels play basketball.  I prepared a snack tray, and we enjoyed a picnic dinner.  We ate, and played, and watched.  What a nice way to end a lovely weekend.

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