March 20, 2012

Express Yourself...

A friend of mine told me that she liked visiting my blog, because I write exactly as I speak.  When she reads a post, she feels like I am just talking to her.  I thought that was a nice thing to say.  I try to remind myself of that, because I often wish I had the talent of being able to express myself in a more eloquent or creative way.  I read quite a few blogs, and there are some wonderful writers out there.  I find myself longing to be able to craft sentences and posts the way they can.  I read posts and think "Yes!  That's exactly what I was trying to say!"  I just wish I could've figured out a more articulate way to say it. 

Some bloggers focus on their ability to take gorgeous pictures, and they express themselves more via images than words.  Others share their sense of humor, and their ability to make their readers laugh.  Still others share their talents with creative DIY projects, or tutorials, or recipes.  Oh my goodness those bloggers that can take pictures of food that make my mouth water.  Somebody will have to fill me in on how to do that someday. 

Eventually, though, I come back to the reason why I write this blog.  It's for me.  I don't do it to entertain others or to attract a large readership, although I freely admit that I love the connections I've made and do have fun knowing that there are a few people out there who read this little blog of mine.  It is much more motivating, knowing that somebody will read what I'm writing.  The interesting observation is that the more I focus on what's interesting and important to me, the more my words do seem to capture an audience. 

So I will continue to do just that.  I will document some of life's little details that I'd like to remember, express gratitude, share recipes, recommend books and movies and music, and subject readers to my random musings.  All I can be is who I am.


  1. i love this post. and i think it's so important to remember. being ourselves and authentic is an attractive force--people always seek out those who are truly themselves.

  2. just catching up on your blog after my on a whim carribean vacation. love this post. i find having a blog reminds me of who i am and that i am someone. xo


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