March 1, 2012

Neko Case House Tour

all photos by Bjorn Wallander via Country Living

I am a fan of Neko Case's music.  She was gifted with a truly magnificent voice.  Now that I know she owns a 1787 Vermont farmhouse, I love her even more.  Her style may be a touch more eclectic than mine, and she may like purple a bit more, but I really enjoyed looking at a tour of her farmhouse in Country Living.  I especially adore the piano in the kitchen, the beams in the kitchen, the hallway library, and that beautiful garden.  


  1. good lord, the entire place is amazing. Now I want a horse. And a farmhouse.

  2. yard filled with raised bed? Um, yes please!

  3. Oh, her garden is amazing. I would die for a huge yard with all those beds for veggies. What a dream.


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