March 27, 2012


Here I am, in all my 5(?)-year-old glory. 

I turned 38 yesterday.  As my aunt put it, "it's just some silly little number".  The number itself definitely loses significance as you get older.  Turning 10 was exciting, wasn't it?  13, 16, many milestones in childhood.  After  It's just a number.  Even 30 felt anti-climactic. 

I do enjoy birthdays, though.  My birthday was a Monday this year (bleh).  It was a cold, blustery Monday, and I had to work (double bleh).  But I started the day with hugs and "happy birthdays" from my three favorite boys.  I walked downstairs to see the flowers on the table, I put a little new perfume on my wrist, and I opened cards.  I received several phone calls and even more emails throughout the day.

Then the Facebook messages began.  In this age of social networking, it's easy to reach out and wish a happy birthday to someone that you may not see very often.  As the recipient, it's nice to know that you're being thought of.  Family, friends, neighbors....all shouting a little "happy birthday" in my direction.  It's nice. 

38 isn't that different from 37 - not at all, really.  It's only slightly different from 28.  I'm a little more tired, and my knees ache a bit more, but nothing really to complain about.  It makes me optimistic about 48.


  1. Oh Mary, 38 was wonderful. Happy Birthday.

    I hit five zero this year, but am still the 22 year old with no worries or cares :-)

  2. happy late birthday. :]

  3. Happy birthday Mary! I agree, it really is just a number. I'm not sure I will be quite so delighted at 48 though! Lou x

  4. happy birthday, mary! xoxo

  5. Happy Birthday Mary! Funny how the years start to seem insignificant as they progress... Wishing you lots of love and happiness for the years to come. Annie x

  6. i'm digging the upper 30s ans love sharing with you! when you hit 4-0 in two years you need to recreate that photo - swing, outfit, hair and all. won't be hard because you haven't changed a bit. see you SOON! xoxo

  7. happy birthday to YOU too!!

    yeah, i agree... monday birthdays are pretty "bleh"... i got lucky this year =).

    thank you for your comment today! speaking of fb, are you on pinterest or twitter?? (isn't it crazy how many things there are to join??? anyways, {crazy or otherwise} if you are, let me know so i can find ya :).

  8. Happy belated birthday!!! Hope you have a most fantastic year.


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