February 9, 2010

2010 To-Do List

*We don't spend enough time at the beach. We already have a week booked in July, and I want to get to the beach up here too. Beaches are awesome.

I'm sure there are a ton more things I could put on this. But between this little list and my overall goals, I'm poised to have a very good year.

1. Yoga class (can I make it happen this year?)
2. Have a late summer cookout
3. Invite my "mom friends" and their families to a brunch
4. Write 3 letters (staying small to keep me motivated....if I can do 3, perhaps I can do more)
5. Learn new songs on my guitar
6. Go to a local restaurant we've never tried
7. Go to the Children's Museum (yes, it's all the way downtown and will interfere with little one's nap, but A will have a blast, so it'll be worth it)
8. Finish our 2009 family photo album
9. Finish our 2010 family photo album
10. Find a chair for our office
11. Choose something to display in the little shelves on our mantle
12. Print recent pictures to display on my desk at work
13. Buy a pair of shorts that fit and do not have paint on them
14. Take the boys to the beach
15. Celebrate my sister's marriage (i know, it's a freebie, but it's still super fun!)
16. Make it worthwhile to get a membership at the farm (cherry-picking, strawberry-picking, apple-picking, plus a train to ride and a playground on which to play....of course it's worth it!)
17. Plant a more successful garden (can't be too hard to improve on last year)
18. Go to a Red Sox game (i haven't been in three years! too long!)
19. Take a bubble bath
20. Send out holiday cards (i missed this year, and i didn't like it!)

*I'm not even talking anything fancy...just some basic shorts. In the time it took me to write this post, I could've ordered some. Should be an easy item to check off the list, right?

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